Photo of the author meeting with a faithful fan

Meeting the Faithful — Signing Books at Red Power Roundup

Teardrop Trail Log: June 17, 2017

In my past, as the director of the Vail Valley Arts Council, I organized numerous meet-and-greet
book signings for visiting artists, photographers, scholars and collectors as part of various receptions, talks and events. I had enjoyed getting to know each author and providing an opportunity for members of the local community to meet these very special people and share a moment to connect as the author signs the book and includes a personalized dedication.

After the publication of Canning, Pickling and Freezing with Irma Harding, it was time for me to switch to the other side of the table. It was helpful that I had picked up some of the tricks from the masters. Armed with my favorite pen, I have enjoyed getting to know many of the people who have purchased the book. The Red Power Roundups have provided a special opportunity to engage and share fond memories with many of the faithful fans of Irma Harding.

This Red Power Roundup at the Iowa State Fairgrounds was no exception. I love chatting with the folks who stop by the table. A lovely woman, who was a farm wife shared that she was planning a couple of events for a national organization that learns about history and antiques as well as for her sorority meeting. She had found about Irma and even owned an International Harvester stove. We exchanged emails and I shared many of the sources I had used to find out about Irma. In December, she reported that both events were very successful and shared photos. It feels good to have helped share the Irma love.

Photo of Marilyn personalizing a book

Personalizing a book

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