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photo of tractors Lining Up for an Album Photo

Roaming Around Red Power

Teardrop Trail Log: June 17, 2016

Tractors are fun, but the best part of Red Power is reconnecting with old friends and making new ones. This year was our third at the ‘Roundup, and I set off to see who I could find. Although not as spread out as previous years, the Racine County Fair was still a lot of ground to cover, and it would be a challenge to see it all. On the way, there were surprises and things that, well, you just don’t see everyday.

In the early tractor shed, there was the expected shiny early 20th-century equipment — beautifully restored and ready to transform the life of some old-time farmer who was more accustomed to working with horses. The next bay held a surprise though: a rusted hulk of a 1936 Farmall Model F-12 with a swarm of men intent on various tasks. Reading the nearby sign, I learned that they meant to completely rebuild this “found in the woods” beauty in the three days of the ‘Roundup — including a fresh coat of McCormick-Deering painted livery. If they were successful, that would be impressive!

And right next to the rebuild crowd, was my friend Charlie Uthke, who is usually surrounded by a knot of fans for his engine stands and alternator conversions. We camped with Charlie and his wife at our first Red Power Roundup in Huron, South Dakota in 2014 and I remember the good campfire conversations.  We only see them once a year, but it’s always fun to catch up.

Photo of The Uthke's

The Uthke’s