Welcome to the Teardrop Trail!

Sharing our Adventures in our Teardrop Trailer

Just after we met we discovered that we loved teardrop trailers. We started the search online and prowled the RV lots. With retirement approaching, we were contemplating building our very own teardrop but fate stepped in. Read on to hear the story of how we found our teardrop and got ready for the maiden voyage. We never expected so much curiosity and interest. As we pulled into the gas station in our hometown of Dripping Springs, Texas to fill up on that very first trip, we were approached by our first curious fan. Strangers continue to approach us to ask questions about our teardrop and want to look inside our tiny, streamlined, aluminum-clad home. You never know who you will meet next at the gas station or in the next space at the campground.

We invite you to follow us down the Teardrop Trail, make new friends, explore and discover life on the road. We’ll share our suggestions for off-the-beaten path discoveries, roadside attractions, places to not to miss, hidden treasures, undiscovered restaurants, gatherings and more.

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  1. Scott Sinnock

    Jim and Marilyn, thanks for a wonderful evening with Mark. The meatloaf, wine, and ice cream with fig balsamic vinegar was almost as good as the conversation. I hope we can continue the conversation again sometime.

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