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The Cast of Characters

Every production begins with a cast of characters.

Marilyn: I got degrees in painting and drawing as well as art history but have done quite a few things. I have lived in some amazing places – Vail, Northern New Mexico and Hershey, Pennsylvania before moving back to Texas. I can trace My roots to Steven F. Austin and as they say around these parts, I got back as soon as I could.

Jim: I grew up in the Midwest and have travelled extensively in the Western United States. I’ve called the Hill Country in Texas home for nearly two decades now, and enjoy the country life. I’m looking forward to seeing more of the States.

We both enjoy food, wine, gardening and the quirkier aspects of life including the Teardrop Trail.

Jim & Marilyn in Park City

Jim & Marilyn at the Bistro 412 in Park City, Utah